TLC: Seung-Man Kang, PhD

Seung-Man Kang received his doctorate in linguistics from the University of Florida in 1998.  Currently, he is serving as the Dean in the Office of International Services at Chungbuk National University in South Korea.  At that institution, he has also worked in professorial positions and as the Director of the International Education Center.  As a professor, he is currently teaching English Grammar, Syntax, and Pronunciation classes.

Past research of Dr. Kang’s includes work on Verb-Particle Constructions in English (2012), English Modality, and Passive Double Object Constructions in English. He has also published research on Sentence Ending Markers and Korean Authorship Identification and validation testing of the SCAN method in Korean.

Dr. Kang’s professional affiliations include serving as the Director of The Association of English Language and Literature in Korea, and Director of The Joongwon Linguistic Society of Korea. He is also a founding member of TALE and a researcher at the Institute for Linguistic Evidence.