With the counsel of ILE and TALE advisors, I started a LinkedIn group on August 30, 2012. This group –Forensic Linguistic Evidence– is an open group for discussions. So far, it has over 70 members and a few research projects are coming out of the discussions. I am delighted!

Please consider joining! You will find an interdisciplinary group with strong committment to developing forensic linguistics into a real and reliable forensic science. That’s what makes ILE unique in the field of forensic linguistics: it is the first and still the only research and development institute devoted to forensic linguistics.

Research after the fact is too late.

Consulting without research is disrespectful to our courts and judicial system, and like the proverbial cart before the horse, it just leads to stagnation and stalling.

But research before the need –that is what can develop forensic linguistics into a mature forensic science.