How To Join TALE

As an interdisciplinary group, with many possible contributions from different fields, TALE has two tracks:
Security, Law and Intelligence Professionals (SLIP Track) and Researcher-Expert Practitioner (REP Track).

Relevant Work Experience for the SLIP and REP Tracks

There may well be other job titles than the ones listed here. If your job title is not listed here, contact us to discuss your situation.

Typical Job Titles for SLIP Track Typical Job Titles for REP Track
Police Officer, Sheriff, Detective, Police Trainer Linguist
Private Investigator, Security Investigator Psycholinguist, Sociolinguist
Interviewer, Interrogator Computational Linguist, Corpus Linguist
Fraud Examiner, Forensic Financial Analyst/Accountant Computer Scientist in NLP
Digital Evidence Examiner, Forensic Document Examiner Data Scientist, Statistician
Court Reporter, Court Translator, Court Interpreter Forensic Science Professor
Intelligence Analyst (in business, security, law enforcement) Behavioral Scientist
Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Medical Examiner Research Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist
Judge, Attorney, Arbitrator, Mediator Neuroscientist, Cognitive Scientist
Paralegal, Legal Assistant Law Professor
Legal Case Manager
Litigation Support Professional (investigation, e-discovery)

Relevant Education for the SLIP and REP Tracks

There may well be other academic majors than the ones listed here. If your major is not listed here, contact us to discuss your situation.

 Typical Academic Majors in SLIP  Typical Academic Majors in REP
 Criminology, Criminal Justice, Justice Administration  Linguistics (all main branches)
 Police Science, Sociology  Computational Linguistics
 Military Science  Computer Science with Speciality in NLP
 Cybersecurity, Information Assurance, Digital Forensics  Computer Science with Speciality in Software Design
 National Security Studies, Executive Protection Studies  Statistics or Data Science
 Business Administration, Management  Forensic Science
 Organizational or Industrial Psychology  Behavioral Science
 Informational Technology and Management  Psychology (Cognitive, Affective, Developmental)
 Law  Linguistics of Specific Languages


Types of Membership

In each track, there are ranks suitable for different levels of education, experience and contribution: Student, Provisional, Member and Fellow. 

TALE’s General Qualifications

Membership in TALE requires that the applicant

  • demonstrates professional competence, integrity, honesty and high ethical standards, as proven by public information records such as sworn testimony and character references;
  • holds a B.A. or B.S. degree as a minimum educational requirement in a field that is relevant to the track;
  • has made significant and positive contributions to the emerging field of forensic linguistics through scientific research, legal practice, investigative use or educational goals;
  • has in no way harmed the emerging field of forensic linguistics through the misuse of method or evidence, misrepresentation of qualifications, or other ethical or professional breaches;
  • meets specific requirements of the track to which applicant is applying;
  • annually reviews and signs the TALE Code of Ethics;
  • annually pays dues of US$50.00 (or student member annual dues of US$25.00) by June 15 of each year.

Click the blue link below to see the specific qualifications for each Track and Type of Membership.

Track-Specific Qualifications

Application Instructions:

There is a $30.00 processing fee, as TALE checks the accuracy of applications.

Send an e-mail to requesting the application form. Let us know if you would like to apply online or offline. You can complete the application form online or offline.

Online: We will send you an email with a link and a password to access the form. The email will also provide information of what you should have at hand while you are completing the form online. You will pay your application fee and dues electronically.

Offline: We will send you an attachment in our response email. You will download the TALE-2018-Application Package, and complete it using Acrobat Adobe or MS Word. Then send your completed application, CV/resume, supporting materials, and checks or money orders to cover your application fee and dues to:

TALE: The Association for Linguistic Evidence
Institute for Linguistic Evidence
25100 Trinity Drive
Georgetown, Delaware 19947 USA