How To Join TALE

TALE: The Association for Linguistic Evidence may be for you:

Do you use forensic linguistic evidence in your investigative work? Would you like to?

Do you want to use reliable forensic linguistic evidence in your investigative work?

Are you researching, developing and testing methods for forensic linguistic evidence because you want our justice systems to use only the most reliable methods?

Are you concerned about the state of forensic science and investigation?

Find your place in TALE and help a new interdisciplinary forensic science grow and mature!

As an interdisciplinary group, with many possible contributions from different fields, TALE has two tracks:
Security, Law and Intelligence Analyst (SLI Track) and Researcher-Practitioner (RP Track).

In each track, there are ranks suitable for different levels of education, experience and contribution: Student, Provisional, Member and Fellow. TALE’s Honorary Fellows include the corpus linguist who invented the term forensic linguistics, the linguist who pioneered forensic linguistics in Germany, the sociolinguist who reported the misuse of prescriptive grammar in forensic linguistics, the criminologist who pioneered validation testing for interviewing techniques, and an acoustic engineer who created software for linguistically-attuned speaker identification. TALE’s members include a criminal investigator with over 40 years experience, a psychologist who partnered with a police officer to investigate 911 calls, a sociolinguist whose work in Global English dialects directly applies to employment law, a linguist who created the first ground truth database for testing forensic linguistic methods, an attorney who recognized the increasing need for reliable forensic linguistic evidence, an information assurance expert who spotted the connection between plagiarism and security. When you join TALE, you are in good company!

Each member agrees to abide by TALE’s Code of Ethics, a document that details the principles for handling forensic linguistic evidence responsibly and respectfully.

There is a $25.00 processing fee as TALE checks the accuracy of applications. TALE annual membership dues are low: Student ($25.00), Provisional Member, Member and Fellow: ($50.00). TALE membership dues are tax-deductible in the USA and enable ILE to publish the LESLI journal and websites, organize the Winter Conference with the Linguistic Society of America, host the Summer Workshop, and support research in forensic linguistics.

Annual Dues are due no later than September 1 of each year. ILE’s Fiscal Year is June 1 – May 31.

TALE’s General Qualifications

Job Titles of TALE Members

Relevant Academic Disciplines

Eligibility Requirements

Application Instructions

General Qualifications:

Membership in TALE requires that the applicant

  • demonstrates professional competence, integrity, honesty and high ethical standards, as proven by public information records such as sworn testimony and character references;
  • has made significant and positive contributions to the emerging field of forensic linguistics through scientific research, legal practice, investigative use or educational goals;
  • has in no way harmed the emerging field of forensic linguistics through the misuse of method or evidence, misrepresentation of qualifications, or other ethical or professional breaches;
  • meets specific requirements of the track to which applicant is applying;
  • annually reviews and signs the TALE Code of Ethics;
  • annually pays dues of US$50.00 (or student member annual dues of US$25.00).

Example Job Titles of TALE Members in SLI and RP Tracks:


Relevant Academic Disciplines for TALE Tracks:


Eligibility Requirements for TALE:

In the Security-Law-Intelligence Track, experience in law enforcement, private investigation, business intelligence or corporate security may substitute for formal education.

Application Instructions:

Send an e-mail to requesting the application form. You can complete the application form online or offline.

Online: We will send you an email with a link and a password to access the form. The email will also provide information of what you should have at hand while you are completing the form online. You will pay your application fee and dues electronically.

Offline: We will send you an attachment in our response email. You will download the TALE-2014-Application Package, complete it using Acrobat Adobe or MS Word. Then send your completed application, CV/resume and supporting materials, and checks or money orders to cover your application fee and dues to:

TALE: The Association for Linguistic Evidence
Institute for Linguistic Evidence
25100 Trinity Drive
Georgetown, Delaware 19947 USA