Online Security Concept - Fingerprint on Virtual ScreenTALE is an association of highly committed professionals dedicated to advancing and linguistics as a forensic science through reliable methods and standards for forensic linguistic evidence.

Through TALE, you can

  • develop standards for forensic linguistic evidence,
  • earn certifications in forensic linguistics technologies,
  • enjoy mentor-mentee relationships in our FLX Forum,
  • receive referrals for case work, and
  • continually update your profile in our Members Directory, and
  • contribute to research in forensic linguistics in our cross-disciplinary journal LESLI: Linguistic Evidence in Security, Law and Intelligence.


TALE has two tracks:

  • Security, Law and Intelligence Analyst (SLI)  and
  • Researcher-Practitioner Experts (RP).

These two tracks reflect the cross-disciplinary nature of forensic linguistics and enable our members to develop partnerships between the primary stakeholders in the field.

The SLI Track is for

  • law enforcement officers,
  • detectives (private and government),
  • security and intelligence analysts,
  • executive security specialists,
  • interviewing and interrogation specialists, and
  • human resource executives.

The Researcher-Practitioner for

  • linguists,
  • psychologists,
  • statisticians, and
  • computer scientists.

In each track, there are four levels of membership reflecting the member’s training, education and expertise:

  • Student,
  • Associate,
  • Member, and
  • Fellow.

Benefits of TALE membership include:

  • referrals for cases involving forensic linguistic evidence,
  • access to discussion forums on forensic linguistics,
  • subscription to the peer-reviewed academic journal LESLI: Linguistic Evidence in Security, Law and Intelligence, published by the Institute for Linguistic Evidence –the first and only independent venue for research and development in forensic linguistics,
  • early information regarding the TALE conference,
  • reduced rate for subscriptions to forensic linguistic software, and
  • a professional profile on the TALE website, optionally linked to your other websites.

Join The Association for Linguistic Evidence today and find your place within a distinct, flourishing interdisciplinary field of forensic science.